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19 June 2005 @ 11:42 pm
1. WTF?

We’re taking individuals from history and legend, about which only the slightest bit is known, and creating entire backgrounds and personalities for them, then sticking them into the premise we’ve created.

2. No, really. WTF?

We’re all fairly competant authors, but we’re a little wobbly on the original stuff. We’re doing this to get more practice at world-building, non-derived plotting, and original characterization after years of writing fanfic, i.e. other peoples’ characters in other peoples’ worlds with other peoples’ plots.

3. I don’t recognize these types of fairies.

That’s because we took some inspiration from legend, but are just sort of winging it to suit how we want to write them, rather than what you may be familiar with.

4. What language are all the names in?

Welsh, or occasionally another branch of the Celtic language tree. But mostly Welsh.

5. Why Welsh?

Because hardlyfatal came up with the idea, and she's Welsh.

6. What do wolves have to do with anything?

Wolves were considered savage, back in the day, and not big with the loyalty. Thus, the treachery of the humans in sealing away the Fae marks the beginning of the era of betrayal and trickery, and it's reinforced later when some of the Fae themselves defect from Bryn to make their way in the modern, mundane world.

7. Where is the modern-day stuff taking place?

Some undisclosed city on the East Coast of the United States.

8. Where did the historical stuff take place?

Aremorica is the equivalent of Bretagne in northeastern France, and Cymru is today’s Wales (which is in the United Kingdom). If you don't know where France and the UK are, well, you've got issues. I recommend Googling for "map europe" and not sleeping in history class.

Celts from Cymru emigrated a few thousand years ago to Aremorica and settled there, thus the Aremoricans we’re writing about are culturally and ethnically the same or very similar to the Cymry. In other words, it’s like the difference between between Canadian and American—they’re not identical, but they’re pretty darned close.

9. I don’t buy the mad skillz some of the fairies are exhibiting.

We’ve actually followed the legends and myths of ancient Wales pretty closely in giving them their talents and abilities. There was lots of shape-shifting going on back then, apparently, and they were all pretty good with the magic, too. It’s a fairy thing.

10. What do the fairies look like?

They look like humans, but more. Anything you can think of as a human characteristic, they have but doubled. Beauty, colouring, you name it. It's like regular humans are in black and white, but the Fae are in technicolour with the saturation turned up. Here's a visual demonstration.

Orlando as a human: poor blah Orlando and as a Fae: look at him SHINE

11. You're crazy.

You're not the first to suggest that.

12. I wanna write for TAOW, too!

Cool. Fill out an application, won’t you?