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19 June 2005 @ 06:52 pm
This will grow apace with added chapters. Alphabetical.

Adlam: what the Fae called the "real" world they were exiled from. It means "home" or "base" in the sense of where you always return, like a homing pigeon.

Annwn: what the Fae called the new dimension they'd been forced into. It means both "very deep" and "not-world".

Aremorica: ancient name for Bretagne in the north-west of France.

Aremoricans: the Fae who lived in Armorica.

Bright Folk: another name for the Fae.

Cymru: ancient name for Wales, in the west of the United Kingdom.

Cymry: the Fae who lived in Cymru.

Fae: both singular and plural, it means fairy, fairie, faery, faerie, or any other version of the world you can imagine.

Fair Folk: another name for the Fae.

Geas: a restriction placed upon a person, often at birth, that he feels magically compelled to follow. Not a curse, necessarily, more of an artificial inhibition. A taboo, but imposed upon an individual rather than an entire society.

Menhirs: ancient, carved stones sacred to the Fae. They were conductors of power from the earth and nature.