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19 June 2005 @ 07:17 pm
Possible characters  
List of mythological figures (mages, witches, gods, etc.) upon which we're basing many of our characters. Alphabetical. List will keep growing. Gender included when summary is too ambiguous to hint at it. Whoever gets them first determines canon for them; writer listed at the end of their entry.

Arawn: (ah-RAH-oon) "silver-grey one". Fierce warrior, called a god of death. Has a magic cauldron—- don’t touch or it loses its power to make its surroundings like shangri-la. Can change to a huge dog, and can summon dogs. Ruler of Cymru at the time of the great banishment. "Pals" with Pwyll. Silver-haired. khylarenelf

Arianrhod: (ah-REEN-rod) "silver wheel". Silvery hair and eyes, mother of Dylan and Lleu. Wife of Gwyddion but there’s trouble in paradise. Wise and powerful witch, can see past and future lives of a person when she touches them. Weaves on a silver spinning wheel.

Blodeuwedd (Fleur): (bluh-DO0-with)"flower-face". Can change to an owl. Created from flowers by Math and Gwyddion to be Lleu’s wife but she escaped. See Goronwy. hardlyfatal

Branwen: (BRAHN-win) "white raven" (female).

Brenin Llwyd: (BREH-nin LOO-wid) "grey king". Moody, silent, hermit-like.

Caer: (kah-EHR) (female) swan-may

Carldwen: (KAH-rel-dwen) (female) poet

Cerridwen: (keh-REED-wen) ("fair and loved" as well as "hooked, crooked". Can change to a pig, a beautiful woman, and an old crone. Has 2 ugly and stupid sons and a bad history with Taliesin.

Cernunnos: (kur-NOO-nuss) (male) can change to a stag. Loves hunting. Likes the ladies.

Cigfa: (KUG-vuh) Wife of Pryderi.

Creiddylad: (kruh-DEE-lad) (female) basis of the name Cordelia, incidentally. Gwyn ap Nudd is in love with her, but she has no idea.

Dwyn: (doo-WIN)(female) Suffered unrequited love but is impossibly chipper. Fond of saying, "Nothing wins hearts like cheerfulness."

Dylan: "dark son". One of the first to escape Annwn. Strong affinity with the sea, the waves still sigh for his loss.

Edern: (eh-DEHRN) "eternal son". Can change to a sparrow or a hawk.

Efniessin: (ehf-NEE-sin) "the bad one" or "ender of peace". Kills Erispoë.

Erispoë: (eh-RIS-poh-way) ruler of Aremorica before the exile, marries Drestan to make peace between their people. Assassinated by Efniessin.

Goronwy: (go-RON-wee) (male) somewhat immoral and a bit obsessive. In lust with Blodeuwedd, convinced her to try killing her husband, Lleu. They failed and ran. Stricken by remorse, she escaped to the mundane world. Goronwy is searching for her. hardlyfatal

Gofannon: (go-FAH-non) brother of Arianrhod, a smith. Tries to kill Dylan.

Gwyddion:(goo-WEED-yon) Another magician-- but more of a scientist/alchemist, really-- and a bit of a schemer. Classic trickster, Loki-like fellow. Arianrhod’s husband, but she isn’t too fond of him. Arawn doesn't like him, either.

Gwyn ap Nudd: (gween ahp nuth) "fair one, son of the mist". Ruler of Aremorica at the time of the banishment.

Hafgan: Arawn's enemy. Pwyll fights him on Arawn's behalf.

Irusan: (eer-OO-zan) can change to a cat, but a huge one—like, cow-sized. Loves luxury but proud-- don’t piss him off or you’ll disappear.

Lleu: (lyoo) "lion". can change to an eagle. Was married to Blodeuwedd (arranged). Bit of a hermit. Close with his uncle Gwyddion. Has a geas on him to never be able to make love with a human (but can fall in love with one).

Lleuelys: (lyoo-EHL-iss) (male) healer.

Llwyd: (loo-WID) (male) magician, not fond of Pryderi.

Manawydan: (man-AH-wih-dahn) (male) in love with Rhiannon, eventually tracks her down after she escapes to the mundane world.

Math: (mahth) (male) heap-big magician type. Has a foot fetish.

Modron: (moh-DRONN) Great Mother, main goddess-figure.

Olwen: "white path". Escapes Annwn so she isn't forced to become someone's wife as a prize.

Pelydur: {peh-LEE-dooer) (male) "shining, radiant one".

Pryderi: (pree-DEH-ree) "careful one". Rhiannon’s son by Pwyll. Kidnapped as a child, it was blamed on his mother. Was returned after Rhiannon escaped. Instrumental in getting her together with Manawydan. Married to Cigfa. Horses love and protect him.

Pwyll: (poo-WILL) "sensible" but ironically, can't seem to keep his mouth shut. Quick to act and speak. Climbed Narberth hill to get a vision of who to bind himself to when he was having an "identity crisis". Consequently married to Rhiannon but not the actual father of her son. "Pals" with Arawn, and defeats Hafgan when he tries to usurp Arawn for his throne. khylarenelf

Rhiannon: (ree-AH-non) can change to a horse. Wife of Pwyll, mother of Pryderi, beloved of Manawydan. Escapes to Adlam to get out of serving her sentence.

Rhibyn Gwrach: (ree-BEEN goo-RACK) "Rhibyn the Witch"

Taliesin: (tah-LEE-sin) was originally Gwion, but he tasted a bit of the brew Cerridwen was making to smarten up her stupid son and became hugely clever. Renamed himself. Inventor and bard.

Twrch-Tryth (Tryth for short): (too-IRK trith) (gender indeterminate) can change to a boar. Likes doing hair.